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The two core members of a secret club in front of an old wooden garage door. They're wearing boilersuits and are holding oversized tools made from wood - one is holding a shovel and a drill og sorts, the other is holding a saw in each hand. The tools are for shaping snow.

We are a secret club

Welcome to our world
It's a place where stories happen and tales are told, a place where you can make almost anything out of almost nothing and a place where you share, not just the glue and scissors, but also your strangest, most amazing thoughts and stories from past and future. It is a place to play and explore, welcome to a secret club!

In Scandinavian languages, there are two words for play: One meaning to play a sport or a game - a competitive, goal oriented activity, and the other meaning to play, as in playing with toys - an activity that is collaborative and exploring. We think the latter is the more interesting: There are three possible outcomes to a game: Win, lose or tie, while collaborative play is open ended. A secret club plays in the second sense of the word, becauses collaborative play strengthens creativity and social skills - abilities we find crucial to solve some of the problems our world is facing.

In 2009, We started working with playful communication, storytelling, the creation of memories and homemade souvenirs, at first in the UK and now mainly in the town of Aarhus, Denmark.

Volunteers needed!

We are interested in hearing from anyone who'd like to play an active part in a secret club. We are currently based in Aarhus, Denmark and most of our activities take place here. You don't have to be an artist or designer as such to help us at our events, you just have to like playing and dressing up.

Find us

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Phone: mobile +45 2674 0242

Send us a letter or visit us at:
A secret club
Ingerslevs Boulevard 4, st. th.
8000 Aarhus C

Photos by Nikolaj Knudsen and a secret club

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